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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
- Arthur C Clarke

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Here is a short introductory video outlining how Lunge Systems technology will reshape the way we live and work.


What can Lunge do for you?

  • 79% of our personal app users achieved their life goals sooner.
  • 92% of teams using our platform for gurus improved their performance significantly.
  • 87% of our enterprise clients reported increased profit directly due to efficiency gains from our technology.



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Priority Management Technology: Quantified Time

Time is the only true constraint, one that cannot be extended. Therefore we must optimize its usage over competing priorities.

Lunge Systems has developed a proprietary Priority Management Platform using DCI Framework™ which has three components: Decide, Control, and Improve. The underlying infrastructure of our technology relies on quantification of everything: from life satisfaction to employee value-added. We implement the framework using classification, weighting, outcome measures, indexing, and activity roadmaps. The quantification in DCI Framework™ allows one to perform the calculation for each objective and estimate the implicit trade-offs of doing one activity compared to others. This can enable both humans and robots (or algorithms) in deciding things like "what to do when", "how to efficiently achieve a given objective", "which path among the set of possibilities is the best" etc.


The first component of our framework is Decide, which includes priority categories, a person's role or profile, personal or organizational preferences. These preferences are defined over priorities as weights (which measures the importance) and ranks (which measures the urgency). In each category, one can have multiple goals or objectives. Lunge Systems has built a database of organizational activities and roles - responsibilities matrices by sector and for people in different walks of life.


The second component Control is constructed by mapping objectives to measurable outcomes. Outcomes have deadlines and percentage of objective achieved to keep track of and quantify progress. The inputs to different objectives are measured through activities or tasks performed. These are quantified by measuring the time spent. The quality of effort is measured on a scale with multi-dimensional matrix to specify the reasons for the slack.


The final component is Improve which captures the intelligence generated by using technology and the quantified data. Lunge Systems has created proprietary indexes that can monitor progress and anticipate issues. Our activity roadmaps are generated using a database of current wisdom (developed by extracting knowledge from multiple information sources) in conjunction with statistical prediction models and machine learning methods.

Building Blocks

Computation: Mapping Framework

Quantification of everything using mapping of we do, why we do it and how do we measure success
  • Classification & measurement through outcomes

Big Data: Profiles, Objectives & Tasks

Ever expanding dataset capturing where the world spends its most precious resource: human time.
  • Template based industry- and function-specific libraries

Analytics: Value of Time & Trade-offs

Real-time monitoring & evaluation using indexes along with relevant insights to anticipate & respond.
  • Determinants of performance gaps & people characteristics

AI: Self-Correcting Automation

Evolving actionable wisdom created by combining expert consensus with algorithms guided by evidence.
  • Behavioural nudges through suggestions & roadmaps

Selected Stats

50 Million
Top Cited Articles Parsed
1 Million
Computation Time (hours)
500 Thousand
Causal Chains Identified
20 Million
Optimized Activity-Goal Network Paths
300 Thousand
Annual Reports & Earnings Calls Studied
200 Thousand
Identified Output & Performance Measures
13 Thousand
Constructed Information Schemas By Sub-Sector
9 Million
Attributes for Skills, Technology, Country & Cultural Rules/ Norms

Evidence-Driven AI: Lunge Pathways

Our technology is powered by Evidence-Drive AI built using billions of wisdom sources. It auto-evolves and makes itself better using the real-world data on users' actions and outcomes. The "Actionable Wisdom" is provided in the form of Lunge Pathways which can be thought of as a mix of technical blueprints, how-to-manuals, organizational workflows and life hacks converted to list of activities on people's calendars. Using our proprietary framework, industry or field experts, lifestyle coaches or anyone can transform their ideas about how to do something into customized applications. Lunge Pathways has created new markets where the templates containing list of goals, suggested activities, expected outcomes etc. are built and traded in machine-usable format. From how to be a successful entrepreneur to project management at world's most efficiently run companies.


  • Priorities and Goals for Different Set of People.
  • What-To-Do-When Guidance.
  • List of Activities and Workflows for Goal.
  • Benchmarked on Best Practices and Guru Wisdom.
  • Build Your Own and Send to Others to Follow.
  • Evidence Driven and Self Adapting using Algorithms.

Credible, Impactful & Actionable Wisdom

Using network of mappings between goals, outcomes and suggested activities, Lunge Pathways can be used for almost any use-case. From the checklists of Covid-19 responses to suggestions on building competitiveness to guidelines on creating successful investment portfolio; our framework can distill all types of information into ready-to-deploy digital files.

In addition to being compliant with Lunge software products, these Lunge Pathways files (exportable in wide variety of formats including excel, text, PDF) can be integrated with your existing software or can be imported to your favorite personal productivity application.

If you are a thought leader, an industry expert or someone who would like to share his/her practical wisdom in any field, please contact us.

Our Products: See How Lunge can work for You

Personal App

Get Your Priorities Right.

A FREE mobile (Android, iOS) and web (desktop & other devices) based interface to manage life's priorities and achieve your goals. Our software provides guidance through a checklist of activity suggestions based on knowledge and evidence.

Personal App

Lunge for Gurus

Scale Up Your Wisdom.

A cloud-based or self-hosted platform for coaches, franchises, sales leaders, business owners, associations & professionals to improve efficiency. The platform enables setup of objectives, roles, & guidelines for members.

Lunge for Gurus

Enterprise Lunge

Your Best AI Hedge.

Our product for organizations of any size to define, measure, monitor & improve their target outcomes. We offer pre-built multi-function, multi-sector solutions. The technology allows for customizations that meet your specific needs.

Enterprise Lunge

Blog and Press

Hedging Employee Skills/Talent to Leverage AI

The key to a company’s successful AI transition is to hedge its employee’s skills. In McKinsey’s Global Institute recent analysis of the current state of automation, human-like capabilities were rated according to a three-tier capability scale: Below median, Median, and Top quartile.

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Arts vs. Science of Decision Making

Decisions and the courses of action from these decisions is both an art and a science. Objective machine data or technical rationalism and human tacit knowledge and heuristics otherwise known as reflective constructivism must come together to form a collective decisions in areas such as design and planning.

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Tacit Knowledge/Wisdom: Path to Success

According to, tacit knowledge as different from explicit knowledge is intuitive know-how, that which is rooted in context, experience, practice, and values. It is hard to communicate and typically transferred through socialization and mentoring.

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From Strategic Vision to Action

The process of data analytics is similar to the processing of refining any resource from raw material state to finished product state. The intangible and virtual nature of data implies that the end product is presented as a tool for the improved efficiency of the user, for entertainment, or as the basis upon which further information and/or decisions are derived.

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How to Objectively Evaluate Employee Productivity

The methods and traditional tools that are used by Human Resources to assess and appraise employees range from limited and ineffective to biased and error-prone. Much of the traditional HR employee appraisal process is steep in human subjectivity and therefore interpersonal bias and human errors.

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Profit Is No Longer The Only Purpose

The rising popularity of profit/purpose driven organizations is the outgrowth of this internal re-examination of priorities and purpose that individuals and by extension, organizations, have struggled with over recent years. The distinctions between not for profit charities or solely purpose-driven entities and for profit corporations or solely profit-driven entities have blurred.

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